What’s the worst thing that could ever happen to a person?. That is definitely one of the most difficult questions to answer; Considering how helpless humans really are in comparison to the mysterious world we live in, there’s really no answer to that, anything that happens to you can be the best or the worst, circumstances and attitude play a big role in it, mostly it simply depends on the person and the situation.

But if you ask yourself about the worst feeling you could ever feel, the answer would be a lot more simple, to me; that would be reaching the point when every hope is lost. Being hopeless is the scariest and the darkest state of mind you could ever find yourself in.

This world is filled with horrible things, crimes, accidents, diseases, wars, evil, hatred and everything in between, we think we own our lives but everything could be turned upside down in a heartbeat, and most of us won’t believe it until they see it, anything could happen to you or to your loved ones anytime, practically anything. It’s a scary thought, but it is what it is and life was destined to be this way, people go through that all the time, some survive it, some don’t..

When your life turns into a disaster and the most unexpected things happen, it’s hard to stay the same, to keep the positive attitude and cling to hope, it’s funny that we don’t even use the word until we’re in that position when we desperately need to cling to any bit of faith. At that time, having any will to move forward is by itself a huge accomplishment, what matters the most is to never lose that flame of will and determination, no matter how small and weak it could get, it must stay on.

But when you’re knocked to the ground before you could get your supply of strength and resilience, you don’t really have a choice, you’ll have to help yourself up, only that before you could even do that, you need to find it within yourself, the will to actually try, the strength to get up, and without hope, none of it could be done. Who would go through a road while believing that the road leads nowhere?  Who would plan for a future they don’t even believe exists?. Indeed, you could face absolutely anything, but when you lose hope you’d ultimately want to give up, and that, my friend, is what being at the bottom feels like.

I read a quote of J.K Rowling where she says that she used rock bottom as her foundation to rebuild her life, which is something that really touched my heart. There was a time in my life when I found myself in that helpless state and day by day things only kept getting worse. Today, whenever I’m in a difficult situation, I remind myself of that time, I keep telling it that I’ve been through worse, no matter how I’m feeling, it can’t compare to that, since then, nothing has ever happened to me that was nearly as bad, it’s a bit depressing but I find some kind of consolation knowing that the worst is behind me, I’m not fool enough to believe that there’s no way worse things could happen in the future, but it’s not about the cause, it’s about what it made of me, at the time it made me hopeless, today I had learned my lesson, thoroughly enough to never let myself go there again. Because now I know that hope never fades, we might lose it within, but it is there nonetheless for us to find when we’re ready, I know that for a fact because had it not been there, my life would be very different to say the least.

There’s hope even for those who don’t believe, there’s hope even for those who don’t think they deserve it, and there’s hope even for those who think it’s too late. Mostly, there’s hope as long as you’re breathing, it’s the oxygen of life and without it nothing on this earth would live a second more.

Hope is like the rose that rises from concrete, it doesn’t appear to belong in the middle of suffering, it’s unexpected and rare, but it beats the odds and appears in our darkest times, if you look closer, you’d see it everywhere, when your skin heals itself after a cut, the clear sky after a storm, how you feel slightly better after a long cry, when you’re still breathing even when you don’t want to, that is hope, it’s a promise of a future, a future that might not be better than your past, _sometimes our most precious belongings stay in the past, they exist only in our memories and leave wounds that may never heal_, but that future will be better than your present, and the thought that things won’t always be this bad is something a lot of people wish they could believe as it is not easy for everyone.

I have once lost hope and the best way to describe it is that it felt like life was over, I know many people who had it even worse, but like a Phoenix that rises from its ashes, we also have the ability to fly right when we’re about to fall (as cliché as that might sound).

Whether you’re scared, mad, lonely, worried, anxious, traumatized or worse, none of it compares to hopeless, you’re lucky if you even have a future you worry about or you’re afraid of, you’re blessed you’re mad because it means you care, whereas those who have no hope have no interest in life or anything that tomorrow might bring. Most times, the worst things in life carry good inside them, but we get caught up dwelling on the dark side and not taking the time to consider that there are good things to which we’ll never show enough gratitude..



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