One breath at a time


Sometimes one gesture can make you gain or lose respect for a person, a single word can open your eyes and change your perspective, and a small change in tone can make you snap and release everything that had built up inside of you. Sometimes a smile can restore hope inside the heart of the hopeless and a simple reminder can make someone’s day.

Most times, small acts make the biggest difference, it’s not always about the big things, the little details matter more than you think, and not only the ultimate goal is what counts, every step during the journey is equally important; every fall and every moment of helplessness is as precious as reaching the finish line.

Never underestimate the small parts in life, they’re the ones that add up to each other to make up the big ones, those simple moments and random memories are the things we end up missing the most, we only cherish them when they’re far gone, and there’s no greater mistake than that of taking life’s greatest blessings for granted and never taking the time to appreciate them..

We spend our years planning and dreaming, telling ourselves that once our next goal is accomplished, we will be happy.. I’ll be happy once I graduate, I’ll have everything I want once I’ll get a job, I’ll find happiness when I’m move to the other side of the planet.., when in fact we’re only promising ourselves of one thing; that happiness will always belong in the future, you only need to think about the last time you accomplished something, you must have felt truly happy, but do you still feel that way now ? what makes you think that the next time will be any different and you’ll find eternal joy ?

Nothing goes unnoticed in life, every second is calculated and every breath is for a purpose, but as long as you breathe for the sake of tomorrow and not this exact moment, you’ll never truly know what it feels like to be alive, and you’ll never get to experience the beauty of the moment while living it, only that of the memory (if you’re lucky).

As you grow older, at a certain point in life you’d go back in time and remember everything, you’d revisit memories like you’re going through an old album, and you’d stand before yourself as if you’re in a trial, a trial where you’re your own judge, the one who decides whether you made the right choices, whether you did what you were supposed to do to end up with a fulfilled life, at that time you won’t feel sorry for your mistakes, because they’re lessons you’ll be thankful for, you won’t regret your moments of rebellion and defiance, nor those of weakness and struggle, what you’ll regret is not following the path leading to your dreams, you’ll hate yourself for not trying hard enough, you’ll definitely regret listening to people who don’t even exist in your life anymore, and when a beautiful memory crosses your mind, you’ll be sorry for not cherishing the beauty of it, and for not recognizing the blessing you were in.

Learn to live your life before that time comes, before your years blend together in a knot of memories, some clear and some blurry, the worst kinds of feelings are those that bring you sorrow over the past, they can’t be healed, only handled, and they can haunt you for the rest of your life, however; they’re also preventable. You need to take yourself a few years from now, what regrets will you have ? are you proud or do you wish you could go back ? ..

Live now, feel the moment and feel the gratitude, the future will always be uncertain but your present will one day be the past you’d be dwelling on. Make sure you follow today the road at the end of which you want to be standing tomorrow.




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