You reap what you sow.


Sometimes the rose you caress ever so tenderly would cut you with its thorns. Sometimes the hands you once held would stab you in the back, your honesty would be faced with deadly lies and for every good deed you’ll get hurt. 

When that happens, don’t be sad, don’t say I’m stupid, don’t regret anything, just know that it’s life, not everyone would appreciate your existence in their life, not everyone would see you for who you are and make you feel like you belong to them, some people don’t have the ability the recognize the good in others, others have hearts so drenched in darkness that they forgot what gratitude really is.

Just know one thing, this world, with everything and everyone in it; is temporary. The ones you care about might not see nor appreciate what you do for them, but there is someone above who sees and knows, know that he’s there for eternity, and he never misses anything. There are no coincidences in this world, nothing is lost, whatever you give, you will receive in return, if not sooner then later.

Therefor don’t be sad, being kind is something you should never regret, it is a reason to be proud, and to be thankful, it is not easy to be harmed, but what’s worse, is being the one who does the harm, be thankful you’re on this side and not the other.



One response to “You reap what you sow.

  1. Will Shortz, the American puzzle creator once said: “We have a natural need to fill in the blanks” … I do not think he thought only about letters and crosswords saying that … But also about the vacuum and the holes inside our souls preventing us from living … Life is a journey and during this beautiful trip, we need to set important beacons : Love, family, friends, feeding our passions and the art of learning new things every day … If one day we are touched by the magic of love … If one day we are able to love someone, let’s set him free … If we keep harassing him … That can only mean one thing : He is not meant for us ! (God loved the birds so he invented the trees. Man loved the birds so he invented the cages.) Quoting {Jaque Deval} … Wise and deep words Amal ❤ Keep singing those beautiful words : )


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