The ultimate test


It doesn’t matter how strong and positive you are, how far you’ve came and how much you’ve accomplished, no matter how good everything is going; bad things always happen, it’s not a dark outlook in life, but rather a realistic one.

Sometimes all of sudden you’d find yourself in the middle of a chaos that you never saw coming, all hell would break loose and you can’t even understand what’s happening, then you start thinking about every lesson you’ve ever taught yourself, and ask yourself all the possible logical questions; how do I get through this ? where’s the positive side ? what should I do ?. After all it is only human to try to get up as soon as we fall, it’s the thing that keeps us all alive.

It’s easy to stay positive when everything is going well in your life, it’s easy to see a bright future ahead when you’re already living a bright present !

The real challenge is how to keep that smile from slipping away when you have just been hit, how to keep your hopes and plans and everything you’ve built from crumbling when you suddenly feel like backing out.

I like to think of those moments as the ultimate test, they’re designed to show us how far we’ve come, how much can we learn, and how much we can still grow. The thing is, life is this series of journeys between hardship and ease, joy and sorrow, it’s how the universe works, and to live a healthy life doesn’t mean eliminating sadness, but knowing how to get through it, and how to get the most of it.


 It’s not a magic recipe, nor a skill that needs some kind of a miracle in order to be mastered; but in fact, we all have it within us, that susceptibility to face problems, loss, grief, failure and much more, and not only can we face them, but we can also learn from them, as there’s something amazing that lies underneath those battles, which is lessons, so it’s then when the trial begins, you’re offered a blessing in the form of a curse, what do you do about it ? how do you see through it ?

We all have a choice, regardless of the situation, regardless of how we feel, there’s a choice waiting to be made, and the choice is simple and can be life changing, but it takes courage and wisdom to make it when you’re faced with that dilemma : Do I learn or do I cave in, do I cry and complain and blame, or do I think, and plan, and raise my head high knowing that I can and I will get through this.


Fall or rise, there’s no third alternative in between, you can’t be strong and weak at the same time, you can’t fight and run simultaneously, and you sure can’t fix a problem while you see it as something that can never be fixed, only when you get up and move forward do you get to see the ray of light at the end of the tunnel, you must believe in your strength in order for you to be able to see the possibilities.

So here’s the thing; when disaster strikes, you don’t freeze, you don’t stop everything and let it get the best out of you. Whatever it is, whatever you’re going through, it is not supposed to ruin you, but to guide you, it’s only a bump in the road, not your final destination; for everything makes sense eventually, and for every effort you’ve made and felt like it was pointless, there’ll come a day when it will pay off, and to your surprise, you’d find yourself being thankful for things that once caused you the biggest heartache, it’s how life works.




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