What fear taught me.

They say the number one reason why living creatures feel fear is protection, being scared of something pushes you to take action to avoid it, run from it, protect yourself from it, it’s a trigger to all your defense mechanisms and the only way for you to have some control over the future.

We’re all born with that fear, it’s natural and good for us, yet as imperfect creatures we tend to deviate from what we were born with, so we see things in a certain way and if something seems challenging we translate it as scary, and we create fears that only exist in our minds.

It took me a very long time to make this realization, because at first it seems irrational, how could that feeling, that is so crippling and paralyzing be the creation of imagination ? how can I build obstacles for myself intentionally ?

It does feel out of control, fear has power to make you stop dead on your tracks and leave whatever you were doing and go hide in a little corner called your comfort zone, where everything is normal, ordinary and safe, but also where there’s nothing new, where there are no opportunities and no moving forward, yes that’s exactly what fear does, it’s your worst enemy ! Because there’s nothing worse than being held inside a prison that only exists in your head.


But I’ve learned that nothing of value comes easy, and the right decisions might not seem that way at the beginning. Looking back I see that the best experiences in my life were things that felt really scary at first. So the thing is, we misinterpret the meaning of fear, we have a tendency to give up to the weak part of ourselves and mistake that thrill that’s supposed to excite us and bring out our creativity, with the will to let go and stay risk free.

I used to be that person, I used to look at opportunities from the outside, I’d appreciate them and praise them with no intention to take one, pretty much like window shopping ! and believe me; it’s true when they say that the only chances you regret are the ones you didn’t take.


Today I know that there is nothing to be scared of, the only thing we should fear is fear itself, the rest was all in my head. I’m a firm believer that whenever God offers us a challenge he also provides us with enough strength and courage to face that challenge, we only need to find it within us, because I’m telling you; it’s there !

The fear that we feel when we’re about to do something that seems unusual to us is not the only one that can be poisonous to ones soul, most of us deep down can be terrified of losing everything they have. You’d look at the people you love the most, and instead of feeling grateful and blessed to have them, your heart clenches with the thought that maybe one day they won’t be there, but this irrational thought is unfair and ungrateful on so many levels, don’t you think that God who was generous enough to bless you with the existence of those you cherish the most is also very much capable of keeping them by your side ?

If you look closer you’d realize that most things that give meaning to your life are things you never asked for, so being paranoid about losing them instead of thanking the one who provided them is completely useless and offers nothing but bitterness to your heart.

Fear has taught me that I’m well equipped to face whatever lurks in the other side, that we’re all equally strong and that each one of us has courage that can take us wherever we want, and mostly, fear has taught me that there’s nothing to be afraid of in this world that is so much bigger than our little scared thoughts, a world that is ruled by the same creator who holds our predefined destinies in his hands.

We owe it to ourselves to take the most of life and to feel the blessings we’re offered to the fullest, anything other than that is mere misery, and a misery that is completely by choice.




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